Could you spot these 5 surprising signs of heart disease?

As the leading cause of death in Arizona, heart disease isn’t something to be taken lightly! You may know the big symptoms of heart disease. For example, chest tightness or pain, shortness of breath, and pain in arms or shoulders. However, there are some surprising signs of heart disease you may not be aware of!


surprising signs of heart disease

1. Snoring

Snoring can be a common sign of sleep apnea. This is when breathing temporarily stops and starts during sleep. Sleep apnea has been linked to high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart attack.


2. Sexual Problems

Erectile dysfunction in men and loss of libido in women are the next surprising signs of heart disease. For men, a buildup of artery plaque may be the reason ED is a heart disease indicator. However, for women, low libido may be a sign of menopause. And women who are post-menopausal are at increased risk for developing heart disease. 


3. Cramping while you walk

Leg pain that stops when you exercise and starts when you’re not can be a sign of a circulation disorder. People with this disorder can have a buildup of damaging plaque in their arteries.


4. Nausea

The next surprising signs of heart disease are nausea and bloating. Women in particular experience this kind of discomfort before they feel chest pain. This can also include vomiting.


5. Puffy legs and feet

Finally, swelling in the legs and feet can be a sign of heart failure. Especially if you also have unusual shortness of breath. Some swelling happens naturally during the day and goes away while you sleep. However, persistent or worsening swelling shouldn’t be ignored!


Are you experiencing any of these surprising signs of heart disease?

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