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Suppose you are chubby and want to look attractive. A fatty body doesn’t please anyone and obesity nurtures other deadly diseases that can further destroy an already destroyed body. Obesity puts limitations on you. You get trouble walking; running is out of the question, and worse of all, people start to judge you. You should be a free bird without any limitations, chains, and barriers in front of you. Studies have shown that 36% percent of African males are overweight.

Why do we gain weight?

  • There are many reasons for weight gain, it may be the medication you are using or your activity levels, but the most common cause is when your calorie intake is higher than your bodies need. You don’t need to visit the nutritionist to get a diet and a calorie plan. Just start eating in moderation. Don’t overeat, always leave a space for something in your stomach. Prevent eating only one type of food every day. Try a new menu every day, explore unique flavors. Gaining weight is more comfortable than losing it. Remember that precaution is better than treatment.

Risks of Having Extra Fat

There are many problems with having extra pounds. Weight gain changes your body from top to bottom. And its effects range from poor brain memory to joint pain. Some of the live risking causes of being chubby are:

  • High risk of heart disease: Heart diseases are worrisome and excessive fats are the leading cause of them. A heart attack is more common in chubby people than skinny people. Studies have found that the risk of cardiovascular failure was 34% higher for overweight folks and 104 % higher for obese people, which is bad. Eating is fun but its fool’s gold can never be as fun as actually enjoying life by running and spending your time with family.
  • High Risks of Stroke: Stroke has the potential to paralyze people and even kill them. Obese people are likely to get a stroke which can leave them unable to walk or talk. You should start to consider that there is a lot to this life and what you are doing is destroying it.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis limits your joint’s movement. Overweight causes your joint to swell up or scratched, causing arthritis. Imagine you are the only one not being able to go for a hike only because you can’t walk.
  • High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure causes you to have a headache, and can change your mood. You will start shouting, which can ruin your relationship with friends and family members. Many reports are claiming that an obese person has trouble finding friends.

Society and Obesity

  • Overweight people are looked at differently in every society. They have a hard time making friends, and even in jobs, they have a low acceptance rate because no one wants to be represented by an obese person. Following are some other issues that chubby people face in society:
  • Economic deprivation: Only to fulfill your hunger, you will buy more snacks than essential items which cause an obese to go under depth and become economically deprived. It is hard to control your habits, but not impossible.
  • Lower Wages: Only because obese people looked different are underestimated, and their skills are not encouraged. This behaviour is so typical that chubby people are given lower wages. This universal rule of judging people cannot be fixed, but the person being judged can improve themselves with simple steps.
  • Risk of Depression: Obese people are judged and bullied so severely that they become depressed and unhappy about themselves. But people often forget that it is not their permanent figure with a little hard work to get their dream figure.

Benefits of losing weight

The benefits of losing weight are endless. You will feel happy. People will start accepting you, and now you can do stuff that you can before. Following are some benefits of losing weight.

  • Promotion to higher ranks in work
  • Higher wages
  • Higher life expectancy
  • Better body figure
  • No joint pains
  • No more brain fog
  • And no cravings

These are only a few mentions. Your mental health also gets better, and you become active and more productive.

How to lose weight

  • Losing weight is pretty simple. All you have to is to take your food in moderation. It is not essential to use oils and tons of butter in your dishes. Just use them in moderation and exercise. Exercising is not hard; start off with easy jogging and walking then start cardio and aerobics. After this, if you want to get in shape, start doing the heavy lifting. With slow, steady steps, everything will become easy. There is nothing to rush but a lot to lose if you don’t take your action at the right time. Just be determined and motivated.


Obesity kills a person internally and externally. It becomes a boulder in your life which eventually becomes so big that it’s hard to break. Losing weight is easy if you are focused and willing to take every single step to make your life easier and healthier. Carrying a boulder is challenging and breaking it too but always remember that with a determined heart and enough motivation, you can crack that rock with only a single hit. Being overweight is a curse that can be taken off through exercise and diet control. Schedule an appointment with health experts at Optimamedicalaz to know how you can maintain weight.

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