Galena DaPra, FNP

Chino Valley

“I love what I am and do because every day I have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of my patients and families.”

About Me

I started my career as a Pharmacy Technician and decided to go back to school and became an LVN. one I completed my LVN and worked in a SNF for one year I decided to go back to  school and become a RN. I worked on the Oncology for for 2 years and again decided to go back to school and become a NP. I wanted to become a FNP to have more of an impact on my patients.

Education and Training

I completed my LVN and RN at College of the Desert in Palm Springs California and my FNP-BC with Walden University in MN which i completed 6 years ago

Professional Certifications

i currently hold FNP-BC

Professional Experience

I worked as an LVN for years in Palm Desert at a SNF and when i got my RN i worked in Oncology at Loma Linda University in california for 8 years. Since getting my FNP I work in Infectious Disease for 5 years then transitioned to Family practice one year ago

Favorite activity outside of work

Hang out with my grandchildren and travel

What will make you a great provider?

I love patient care and making an impact on there lives by providing a holistic approach to their care

Same Day Appointments are Available.

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