Harry Gale, DO


“I care about the people I care for.”

About Me

I consider myself to be be an ongoing student never knowing everything. I’m always open and excited about new cases that I’ve never seen before. I do have a wide variety of experiences but never consider myself to be completely trained.

Education and Training

I attended the Des Moines University and attained a doctor of osteopathy degree in 1989. This was followed by a one year general rotating internship in the Phoenix area. I then attended a three-year internal medicine residency in central Phoenix. My initial board certification was obtained in 1995.

Professional Certifications

Board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine initially in 1995 and two re-certifications since. The last one being in 2016.

Professional Experience

I did work in five Phoenix hospitals and also a rehabilitation facility. Performed some surgical assisting. In the Prescott area, I worked several post acute care facilities and also the intensive care unit. I owned and operated a successful medical practice.I volunteered at the free clinic. I have spent some time in occupational medicine. For two years I took care of indigent patients in a County clinic. Mostly I have taken care of complex medical patients in the geriatric age range.

Favorite activity outside of work

In addition to the practice of medicine I enjoy working outside in my garden and planting fruit trees and berry bushes. An avid political junkie who enjoys listening to pundits. Some hiking with my wife. Love to target practice with rifles and pistols.

What will make you a great provider?

The ability to help people to open up and feel unconditional acceptance.